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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

There are numerous health benefits to walking, but if you want to tone your butt to have that desired round derrière you’re gonna have to go the extra mile! What I mean by that is add a hill to your walk in your neighborhood or nearby park. Look for a staircase to climb by a bridge or in a stadium. You could even add some butt sculpting moves along your route if all you have is flat terrain near by.

I personally chose walking to firm up as my fitness routine before I took my “walk down the aisle” when I got married! I chose a route to our park that allowed me to include hill intervals, and I’ve never been in better shape!

Now if walking outside isn’t an option for you due to weather conditions, the treadmill can definitely come in handy. Set a brisk pace incorporating an interval program. Walking backwards on the treadmill is an option, as well. You’ll slow down your pace some, but it definitely target tones your glutes and hamstrings. Your muscles will be working harder to achieve the overall appearance of leaner legs and a rounded, firm butt.

All in all, walking is a great lower body workout. It’s a sure fire way to have

your rump looking great in your favorite jeans!

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