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I get asked all the time how to create a shapelier, more defined backside so I thought it might be helpful to share some quick tips here:

Building bigger glutes requires three main components: a healthy diet, exercises that recruit the largest muscle fibers possible within your glutes, and rest. Recovery time and a healthy diet to build muscle -- while leaning out -- is just as important as the exercise building portion to achieve the sculpted glutes you’re looking for.

There are a ton of exercises and variations of those exercises you can do to build your glutes. But I like to recommend these two exercises to get started:

Get Your Squat On

Squats activate every single muscle in the lower body. There are many variations -- in terms of foot placement and leg positions -- to make your squats work in different ways. That means you’ll never get bored with squats and always keep your body guessing!

Knee-Friendly Glute Bridges

If you’re looking for a more knee-friendly, glute-building exercise, you can do glute bridges. Just like the squats there are a number of variations that will activate all the muscle fibers in your glutes and help you build that round booty at the same time!

Both of these exercises can be performed with body weight, weights, and/or resistance bands, depending on the intensity you’re looking for and your particular fitness level!

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