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Each online personal training session includes the following:

  • WARM UP: The pre-session warm up gets your blood flowing and your muscles moving.

  • BODY CHECK IN: Here we get a pulse on how you're feeling and where we need to focus for the day's virtual training session.

  • VIRTUAL WORKOUT: We dive into a 5-7 exercise circuit to deliver game-changing results wherever you are and with whatever tools you have. Along the way, your online trainer ensures you train safe with proper form to deliver the most effective workout possible.  

  • ASSESSMENT: Before we close out, we discuss how your body feels -- what you enjoyed most, what worked you hardest, what you can do on your own to keep your calorie and fat burn going strong -- and where we can focus next time. 

  • SCHEDULE: We confirm the next appointment to help keep you and your fitness goals on track.



All you need is a mobile device or computer with connection and the desire to give it your all!

Optional items:

  • yoga mat​

  • dumbbells (various sizes)

  • exercise bands (various strengths)

  • muscle foam roller 

We know life is busy. That’s why we help you prioritize fitness with flexibility and personalized workouts to meet your personal fitness goals.

Fit4Life meets you where you are -- at home, on the road or in your personal gym. We develop virtual training sessions with robust workout plans and minimal equipment required to make being active easy and fun.

Plus, we like to keep it fresh. Each online training session is uniquely different, offering new exercises and approaches every time we connect to tone and strengthen where you need it most. 

We offer two types of virtual training:

Online Live Fit Sessions offer virtual training with Scarlett and Ty, giving you real-time instruction and support from your favorite personal trainers. 


Pricing includes FREE consultation:

  • 3 sessions - $135

  • 5 sessions - $225

  • 8 sessions - $360


Online App Fit Sessions offer you the ease of working out anytime, anywhere with on-demand training videos by Scarlett and Ty made for you. 

Pricing includes FREE consultation:

  • 3 sessions - $45/month

  • 5 sessions - $75/month

  • 8 sessions - $120/month

Fit4Life virtual training services include the following:

  • General fitness & wellness sessions 

  • Sport-specific training / speed & agility 

  • Ballet & dance strength conditioning 

  • Fitness competition preparation*      

* $200 includes nutritional plan, posing & stage presentation.



427 Mill Street
Coraopolis, PA 15108

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