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At Fit4Life, dance is an integral element of overall body workouts to help strengthen muscles and tone bodies. I've danced for more than 20 years and am living proof how it can improve bodies and boost mental wellness. While I often integrate dance elements into personal training sessions, my favorite full-on dance workouts are Dance Cardio, Zumba and Hip Hop.

Energetic dance cardio workouts of all varieties share one major common denominator. They all have a dynamic flow of rhythmic movements that give you an endorphin spike that will leave you craving for more. No matter what your fitness level or coordination capabilities these workouts benefit everyone. The key is to have fun and keep moving!

Dance workouts are especially good for strengthening the muscles in your legs and glutes. It also works your hips, lower back and your abdominal muscles. Certain forms of dance also work your arms and upper body. As your muscle tone improves and your flexibility increases, you’ll experience an increase in your stamina throughout your daily routine.

By incorporating a dance cardio regimen into your work out you’ll improve blood flow, reduce stress, have a better sense of balance, and sleep better, which all leads to a reduction in the risk for certain chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

I highly recommend dance cardio for a fun effective way to get in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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