On Site


Personal training conducted on site either in a gym location, the client's home, or some other designated training location.  Packages and sessions are flexible.


Group Sessions



Group training sessions are available.


Competition Preparation


Comprehensive fitness and nutritional support is provided for clients interested in training for fitness, physique, body building and bikini competitors.


Sports Conditioning

Corporate Wellness Plan


Athletes are trained to improve their athletic performance in speed and agility, flexibility, core strength, and stamina through K-Band resistance, weight training, and other plyometric exercises.

Fit 4 Life offers corporate wellness plan packages that are designed to meet the needs of businesses of any size, which includes personal training, nutrition, wellness seminars, massage therapy, and yoga.



On Line Personal Training

In addition to the other personal training services provided, Fit 4 Life also offers yoga classes, as part of our overall wellness and fitness program.

On line personal training packages are also available.